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FAQ Friday: How do you carry water with you on a long run?

Staying hydrated is a MUST when running. If you are running longer than an hour (possibly less if it’s hot) then you will need to plan to have water or sports drinks available. There are 4 basic options when it comes to hydration. 1) Carry a bottle in your hand. You can go old school […]

FAQ Friday #4: How to fuel on a long run

Fueling for a long run can be a difficult balance. Consume too many calories and you can encounter digestive troubles. Consume too few and your energy may fade & you might bonk. While the only way to figure out exactly which combos work best for you is by trial & error, there are a few […]

Creating Good Habits: Consistency is key

We’re now 3 weeks into 2015, and some of us are already beginning to waver in our goals for the New Year. Maybe you want to run faster or farther. Perhaps you want to bench press more weight. You may be working towards flatter, more defined abs. Whatever you goal is, consistency is one of […]

FAQ Friday: How do you stay motivated to do the longer runs when training for a marathon?

The thought of running hours on end doesn’t appeal to a large percentage of people. Especially when we view it as hours of drudgery, it’s tempting to either shorten the distance or pick up the pace to have it over with sooner. Long runs are an important part of building endurance, so we need to […]

Training Tips: Progression Run

Once you have been running for a while most runners hit a plateau. It feels like you have hit a limit to how much faster you can run. This is usually a sign that you are ready to begin speedwork. Depending on how consistently you have been training.¬†you may hit this point once you have […]