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I love seeing pictures with motivational quotes on them. It always inspires me and helps motivate me to make healthy choices on days I really don’t feel like it.  This is part of the reason why I have always loved Pinterest and Instagram. You have tons of motivational pics and quotes right at your fingertips. I can now add the BurnThis app as a new source for fitspiration.

Burn This Ambassador Badge

I’m a BurnThis Ambassador. Check out the app in the App Store or at BurnThis.com

BurnThis is a free app that allows you to post your own fitspiration pictures and edit them to add filters, text, or preset motivational quotes. You can also like an comment on other users posts. It was founded by Monica Johnson, a former Federal Prosecutor, and Anna Kohanski Mason, a former Wall Street Bond Trader, with a goal of creating an online fitfam that could encourage and inspire each other without geographical boundaries.

To see what members of the “BurnThis FitFam” share inside the app
in the short time we have been in existence is both heartwarming and
exhilarating. When members need help going forward they receive it.
When members need recognition for their fitness accomplishments they
are applauded. When members just want to show off or share a funny
comment or quote or anecdote they are received with open arms or a
laugh. When members have something inspirational or motivational they
want to share they are answered in-kind. We are super excited with
what has been created — a #fitfam that is as real as any community
you would find at a gym or in a boutique class only this one is
digital and can be seen, heard, and shared all over the world.

-Monica Johnson & Anna Kohanski Mason

The app officially launched on January 6, 2015, and has had remarkable success in just a few short weeks. I personally love the photo editing software. It’s incredibly easy to edit your photos and add text before posting. It is also easy to use the app to share your photos to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Google+. The posts cover the entire fitspo spectrum; from meal pics, and clean eating inspiration, to workout selfies, and fitness milestones.

Examples of posts in Burn This app

These are 3 of my posts in the BurnThis app. No matter what your health and fitness goals are, you can always find posts to motivate and inspire you.

The app also offers challenges that you can choose to join. All you have to do to participate in a challenge is submit a photo with an appropriate hashtag, and you are automatically entered. No forms to fill out, no links to click…just submit a photo and you’re in! The challenges have pretty sweet prizes too, which is not particularly common among free apps.

To join simply go to the app store and search for BurnThis or go to burnthis.com. Click the download button, and you are on your way. (Note: the app is currently only available for iOS. Sorry, Droid fans.) Once you join you can set up your profile, add your bio and begin posting. I’ve added a screenshot of my profile below so you can see what you can see what to expect. 🙂

Screenshot of Burn This Profile

This is a screenshot of my BurnThis profile page. If you decide to join please comment below so I can make sure I follow you back!

If you do join, please comment and let me know your user name so I can look you up and follow you back. Feel free to ask any questions as well. I hope you join me and the rest of the BurnThis fitfam as we seek to uplift and inspire one another!

*Disclaimer: While I am a BurnThis ambassador, I have not been compensated in any way. All opinions stated above are mine, and not necessarily representative of BurnThis.

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  1. Thomas Gray says:

    Definitely need to support Android if they want it to really catch on!

    • They may eventually! It just launched a few weeks ago, so it’s possible they will in time. I’m happy to pass along the feedback. 🙂

  2. What a great way to encourage one another. Love this app!

  3. Joining right now!