Are Waterproof Running Shoes Right for You?

Waterproof Running Shoes: Pros and Cons As it has finally gotten colder in most of the US, many runners are reevaluating their shoe choices for the winter months. One of the questions I frequently get asked is whether waterproof running shoes are a good idea or not. Like most things, the answer is, “It depends.” […]

FAQ Friday: What are your top 5 races for 2015?

Choosing a favorite race is a bit like choosing a favorite child. It’s pretty much impossible to do. Each race has its own vibe & positive aspects. Having said that, these are the 5 races I’m most looking forward to in 2015. They are all marathons or ultras since that is my primary focus right […]

FAQ Friday: What Qualities Do You Look for in Running Apparel? (Apparel Giveaway)

In order to get the most out of your workouts you need to be comfortable, right? You shouldn’t have to be so concerned with having a wardrobe failure that you can’t concentrate on the task at hand. There are a few qualities that I always look for in workout apparel regardless of the season. (If […]

FAQ Friday: How do you carry water with you on a long run?

Staying hydrated is a MUST when running. If you are running longer than an hour (possibly less if it’s hot) then you will need to plan to have water or sports drinks available. There are 4 basic options when it comes to hydration. 1) Carry a bottle in your hand. You can go old school […]

FAQ Friday #4: How to fuel on a long run

Fueling for a long run can be a difficult balance. Consume too many calories and you can encounter digestive troubles. Consume too few and your energy may fade & you might bonk. While the only way to figure out exactly which combos work best for you is by trial & error, there are a few […]