Mohican 100 Race Report by Carol Youngblood

Carol is one of my training partners and a great friend. She completed the Mohican 100 miler last weekend and wanted to share her story. I was honored to get a chance to share some miles with her as her pacer once again. I hope she inspires you as much as she inspires me! The […]

Adventures at Newton & the Boulder Backroads Marathon

The past week has been a whirlwind of activity. I qualified for the Boston Marathon at Erie Marathon at Presque Isle on Sunday, and on Thursday my hubby & I flew out to Boulder, Colorado. I had just celebrated my 10 year anniversary of working for Ruhlin Group¬† (a.k.a. the best company to work for […]

Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon Race Recap

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon has only existed for 2 years, but it has already become one of my favorite races! It is so well organized, and the race swag is top notch!¬†This year’s event was even better than the inaugural race! The race team set the bar pretty high in their first […]

6 Ways to Make Fitness a Family Affair

One of the hardest things about maintaining fitness as a parent is figuring out a way to get your exercise in while still keeping your family a priority. This balance isn’t always easy, and will look a little bit different for everyone. Here are a few suggestions of what has worked for our family. 1) […]

FAQ Friday: How do you stay motivated to do the longer runs when training for a marathon?

The thought of running hours on end doesn’t appeal to a large percentage of people. Especially when we view it as hours of drudgery, it’s tempting to either shorten the distance or pick up the pace to have it over with sooner. Long runs are an important part of building endurance, so we need to […]