Retro Repin Party

Welcome to the re-launch of the Retro Re-pin Party! Anyone who knows me personally knows that I LOVE Pinterest! It’s such a great place to find new recipes, workout inspiration, training plans, and organization tips. I have so many pins, I think I need a Pintervention. Haha! I’m joining up with several other bloggers to […]

Perfection Is the Enemy of Progress

We all know the feeling when everything seems to just fall into place. Everything seems perfect. Your plan is working well, and at times you feel almost invincible. Then life gets in the way. You may miss a workout or two. Maybe you have a nagging injury that pops up and you just can’t ignore […]

BurnThis – a new app for Fitspiration

I love seeing pictures with motivational quotes on them. It always inspires me and helps motivate me to make healthy choices on days I really don’t feel like it. ¬†This is part of the reason why I have always loved Pinterest and Instagram. You have tons of motivational pics and quotes¬†right at your fingertips. I […]