Spring Clean Your Workout Routine

Have you hit a slump in your workout routine & just can’t seem to shake yourself out of it? If so, it may be the perfect time to spring clean your workout routine. Even if you are training for a specific event, you can make changes to keep your workouts fresh, while still reaching your […]

Candy Burner HIIT

Total Body HIIT If you’re anything like me, then you probably have a hard time staying on track throughout the holidays. We just finished up Halloween, so of course there is candy everywhere. I always make my children’s costumes, and I tell them that part of the deal is a candy tax. I make the […]

Cross Training for Runners – Upper Body Workout

Follow my blog with Bloglovin As you may have noticed from my previous blog posts, I am extremely passionate about cross training. It has played a large role not only in improving my speed, but also in helping prevent injuries. Today’s workout is designed to hit all the major muscle groups in your upper body. […]

Cross Training: Core Exercises (and a Giveaway)

A strong core can be a great benefit to runners. It can improve your form, allowing you to stay more upright while running. When you slump over you compress your diaphragm, which inhibits your ability to take a deep breath. Your core is also responsible for stabilizing your body while you run. The more stable […]

Cross Training – 2 Moves to Make You a Stronger Runner

Cross training is a fantastic way to become a stronger runner and reduce your risk of injury. Since running is a repetitive motion it raises the risk of overuse injury if you aren’t careful. By strengthening some of your support muscles you can help stabilize your joints and reduce your injury risk. As always, if […]